The Design & Blue Prints

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 6.17.38 PMThe intention for Keva Tiny house was to create a cabin in the woods. The Pacific North West was a heavy influence in the design; a large outdoor covered deck, cedar board and batten, windows and skylights to see the forest and hear the rainfall.

“Keva Tiny House is focused on the connection with the outdoors, watching nature everyday and slowing down to living a simpler life”

Trailer: The house is build on a trailer which is 8’6″ × 22′ with dropped axles and a wrap around deck, allowing the wheels wells to be hidden from the exterior.

Square footage: Interior space is 157 sq.ft (7’6″×21′) with a sleeping loft 56 sq.ft (7’6”×7’6″)  for a total of 213 sq.ft. including the loft).

Roof: The roof design is divided into two parts: a low-sloping shed-style over the loft area and a gable style over the main living space. There are three skylights and the material of the roof is metal. Total design height: 15’-0”

Porch: The house design includes a porch, larger of 200sqft. The front portion of the deck is covered with a combination of temperate glass and roofing. S

Interior Space: Once through the french doors, the interior walls stand to 13′ 6″ giving the house a large and open feel, the original design has one chair and a bump out window seat. The wood stove is centrally located and heats the house in a short time.

Plenty of storage and a large shelf was built out of the way, but still accessible by the stool or ladder.

There is breakfast bar with room for two, connected to the one of the counter with storage below. The cooking range and sink are located on the opposite counter. Open concept shelving is above both counters.

The full sized wardrobe and more storage share the same space as the shower/tub area.

The loft  holds a queen size bed with storage underneath for the ladder to be tucked away. There is a simple shelf next to the bed and a skylight to watch the stars at night.

The house features a propane range, propane on-demand water heater, small refrigerator may be designed into the kitchen, cast iron wood stove, built in speakers.

Cost: Much of the wood used for Keva Tiny House was sustainably sourced to create a beautiful and environment. Estimated material cost to build: $25,000

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