Frequently asked questions

Who designed the house?

I did! I have always been interested in designing and creating spaces.

Who built the house?

My friend Rudy is a skilled carpenter who took on the project and worked with an apprentice Lenny. We also hired an electrician, plumber and roofer.

What is the square footage?

Footprint: 168 sqft, loft: 64sqft

How long did it take to build?

About 6 months, the trailer was purchased in Nov. 2014 and the house and deck was completed in Summer 2015.

How much did it cost?

About $55k, including the covered veranda, labour and probably some coconut water & chocolate. 30K in materials and 25K for labour.

Where did you park the house?

I was lucky enough to have friends on Salt Spring Island, B.C. who own land and like me enough to live on the property with them. I am tucked away in the woods.

How much rent do you pay?

A few hundred a month to cover all expenses which includes: the land, car parking, laundry facilities, water, hydro, wifi, garden space, orchard access, kayak storage and the occasional dinner.

Where do you get your water and electricity from?

From the owner’s main house, a trench was dug for the lines.

What about permits and codes?

What about them?

Where do you go to the bathroom?

I pee outside in the forest and there is a outhouse in the woods for poop!

Is it hard to live in a tiny house?

That is a silly question. It is fabulous and really fun.

How do you get hot water?

Hot water on demand system.

What changes would you have made?

Bigger kitchen window, Square skylight above the bed instead of the standard (2’x4′), not so many lights in kitchen area. That is it for now..

What is your favourite dessert?  

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss. Oh my god, so good.

What do you do with your grey water?

It goes out into a 5 gal bucket on the back side of the house. In the dry season I take it to water the garden and in the wet season, it runs out to the forest. Yes, I use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.

How come you don’t have much furniture?

I have a chair and a window seat, I like to sit and roll on the floor.

The house looks big, Is it taller then 13.5′ high? 

Sure is! The house was built for the size requirements for BC ferries, not to take on a road without a permit. A permit for an oversized load is easily obtained. The house was designed to stay put for a long period of time.. not to travel around on the highway everyday. Total height is 15 feet.

Trailer size? 

22′ long, 8.5′ wide, double axle.

Is that covered deck?

Yes, it is and  it is wonderful in the pacific northwest climate. It was built in 8’x 8′ pallets so it will be easier to dissemble if the house ever needs to move.

Do you design other houses? Can you help me with my house?  

Send me a message and let’s talk. I am open to taking on new projects and also happy to just talk about the process and answer any questions.

Who lives in the house? 

I have been living in the house with my partner since fall 2017

32 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions

  1. LOve it. You are a wild one.
    Lots of love


    1. You my friend are the wild one 🙂


  2. Awesome house! Congrats. I met Lenny at the tiny house workshop last January…Sweet soul and a kind understanding heart. Glad to hear he is now a tiny house builder’s a apprentice:)
    I’m still looking for the land to build on. You have a good eye for the stone work:)
    You are lucky to have such great friends to help build. Beautiful house.


    1. Yes, Lenny is amazing! I feel lucky to have had him work on the house. 🙂


  3. I love your tiny house, its beautiful!!! I’m interested in Tiny House living, but, I don’t know where to start.Do you have any suggestions? I need guidance…also, how much do you think I need as far as money! Not extravagantly! Just simple, nice, secure living!


    1. Start by doodling, drawing and saving photos on the net of other small spaces you like. Tiny house prices can range anywhere from 5k to more than 100k! Check out for more spaces and inspiration. Send me a private message and we can connect more if you would like.


  4. Is the body of salt water or, if not, where does the reference to salt play a part?


  5. Love it! May have you design me one in a year! Either that or a yurt! Just gotta see if my good friend Ellen will let me park it amongst her sheep!


  6. When we were building our house on Protection Island, we’d built a 8 x 12 house to live in during the 2 year process. That little “house” slept and housed 2 adults and 2 kids. It was crowded, but boy, did we ever have fun.


  7. ———————————-
    How much did it cost?
    About $50k, …. .. ..
    How much rent do you pay?
    A few hundred a month to cover all expenses which includes: the land, car parking, laundry facilities, water, hydro, wifi, garden space, orchard access, kayak storage and the occasional dinner.
    Hi ,I really fall in love with your home.
    you mean $ CAD or USD ?


  8. Ellen Guttormson January 28, 2016 — 8:50 pm

    Very cool and beautiful. Surprised by the cost though….approx $300 per square foot, without foundation, bathroom fixtures etc. Would have expected about $25,000 max. Could you tell me why the cost was so high?


    1. Yes, typically Tiny Houses are very high cost per square foot. The majority of my materials were new purchased new. As for the ‘foundation’, that is where a lot of my money went. The trailer itself was about $4000. It was new and custom-built from Top Notch Trailers.

      My expenses were higher than other houses because I used a lot of local and sustainable materials. Wood was purchased from a tree nursery on the Salt Spring Island (Seven Ravens). Cheaper wood was available but I chose to stay away as I am not a fan of the clear cutting that is going on in B.C, Canada.

      The higher total cost also was because I chose products with the intention to reduce my carbon footprint. For example the wood stove with almost $2000, built in Washington state by a small compancy. Instead the finishing the interior with drywall, it is finished American clay, a totally eco friendly product.

      This house was not built with the intention for the cheapest and lowest build cost. It was built with a vision of supporting local businesses, using high quality products and materials.

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  9. May I ask how many people want to buy like this tiny houses in potentially?
    I mean 50k CAD by paying. ???


  10. Would it be possible to post a drawing of the floor plan and dimensions? I’d like to build one just like it!


    1. I will try to get one up on the site this month!


  11. Love your house. How do you get up to the bedroom area? Could you put up picture?


  12. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing…


  13. Love your ideas! Could you please tell me the name of the Washington state company that built your stove?


  14. Beautiful beautiful beautiful !!!


  15. Patty O'Connell January 4, 2017 — 1:53 am

    So beautiful and inspirational. I have dreamed of building my own home for years. This might seem like a silly question, but were power tools used in the construction of your house? I have worked with Habitat for Humanity for twelve years and only occasionally use power tools, yet I’m so conditioned to believe that, at least in the States (I live in NYC), this is the only way to go about doing a build. Reason for the question is that I am looking to purchase property in the Catskills and live off-grid, so no power for those power tools.


    1. Hi Patty,

      Yes, we used power tools. If you can do it with only occasionally using power tools then all the power to you! (literally) hehe Go for it! 🙂


  16. Can you give me a reference on reputable affordable companies, or a company, in the Virginia area (Close to D.C.) that builds Tiny Houses that look similar to that of a small cabin, and not partially built, but turnkey, and ready to move in within a reasonable time period from the beginning of the project?!


    1. I unfortunately have no experience with Tiny House companies as I didnt use one. You can always buy my plans and hire a carpenter yourself, the house could be ready within 6 months.


  17. Why no bathroom!?


    1. Because we have land for an outhouse and pooping outside is sooooo much better!


  18. I would like to buy one of these houses but here in California Palmdale or Lancaster can I buy one?


    1. At this point, only the plans are available for purchase.


  19. On the Youtube video with Exploring Alternatives, you mention that the guest house is warm. How is it heated? Where does the electricity come from? Cheers.


    1. I have an electrical line coming from the main house to the micro guest house, so we use a small heater.


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